🦊Dynamic NFTs

We understand that each member of a community brings unique value and contributions. That's why we've created a dynamic NFT collection as a token of appreciation for these efforts and as a ledger of members' unique contributions. These NFTs serve as distinct tokens enabling users to showcase their identity in the community.

As users start using your community page, they'll discover a lot of customization options for their NFTs. With each step they take in the community, a new array of features becomes available for personalizing your NFT. The assets can be anything including numerous background options, body types, clothing styles, unique badges, etc. The combination of these elements can even result in billions of possible variations (as in the case of ShapeShift's FOXatars), allowing you to represent yourself distinctively within your community.

Additionally, the evolution of users' NFTs presents means of incentivising their actions. Rare traits add value to their NFTs, which can guide a community to rewards and provide utility to them with verified proofs.

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