🎮Gamified Dapp

Gone Are The Days of Boring T2Es/Q2Es

Gamification drives love, and love drives your dApp. That's what led us to build this awesome gamified dashboard for the users. We have shared the success story of this gamified exp. in our case study too.

Tasks That Truly Translate

We make the most customisable task setup section in web3 so that you can make your growth strategy without losing focus.

  • Social Tasks

  • Dapp Actions

  • Quizzes

  • On-Chain Actions

  • Real-Life Moments

  • Manual Approvals, We do it all.

Become A "Real" Questor, Hunting Lootboxes!

What's a questor with nothing to hunt? We've made your reward-claiming experience like a one-eyed 🏴‍☠️ pirate. Users complete tasks to unlock loot boxes, which community owners fill up with any custom reward, tokens, whitelist spots, merch discounts etc.

Dynamic NFTs for every community member

Every community member and all their contributions are important to us. Users can claim their unique names on Mercle (ex. devansh.fox). These Dynamic NFTs reflect their contributions and act like a membership token into your special community.

With our NFT edit page, users can customise their avatars with assets that they unlock from the loot boxes! Learn more about these NFTs here.

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